Ferhat Aydin - Fraud, Dolandırıcılık, Betrug

This page is intended to provide all persons involved with Ferhat Aydin with complete information and to show them why it is better to avoid contact with Ferhat Aydin and his followers.

This site is about Ferhat Aydin from Wien, Vienna, Viyana.
Since his flight from Austria to Turkey, Ferhat Aydin has lived in Güllük, Milas, Muğla near Bodrum.

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We recently received a message from Ferhat Aydin saying "what do you want with your ridiculous side if even the Austrian police and Interpol can't do anything about me". We therefore ask ourselves why the Austrian judiciary is so trampled on and has not requested extradition of an Austrian citizen despite the imprisonment pending.

Likewise, we are asking ourselves why none of the other members are being tried to "prosecute a criminal organization" or are not being frozen, and all assets are being frozen for the time being, given the offenses listed on this page this shouldn't be too difficult.

A while ago we received a message that Ferhat Aydin has contacts with the Austrian judiciary and is preventing these people from being persecuted.

What can you do?

Contact the Public Prosecutor's Office Korneuburg (responsible for Aydin) and the Ministry of Justice and send a query to these two points "why nothing is being done about the Aydin clan" with a copy of this page as an attachment. Any contact with the two authorities mentioned helps to get the authorities to take measures.

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New fraud ongoing:

The persons named on this page have planned a fraud again with the already known procedure. A new company was founded on Feyza Aydin on December 2nd, 2019: AA IMMOINVEST HOLDING GmbH, Linke Wienzeile 126/32, 1060 Vienna. The purchase and sale of real estate was chosen as the job description. This is the usual scheme. It remains to be seen which bank will remain on debt this time.

Ferhat Aydin (Ferhat Aydin Invest) - The head of the fraud gang

Ferhat Aydin Fraud

The fraudulent career of Ferhat Aydin:

He likes to pretend to be a successful businessman and in his circle of friends as "the boss". In reality, however, Ferhat Aydin is a petty criminal and perpetrator whose entire career is based on fraud.

It all started with scams like ordering goods and not paying for them. When the police received the first reports, Ferhat Aydin had to serve his first sentence.

Like every fraudster, Ferhat Aydin also learned and changed his business model from ordering goods and not paying ("prepayment fraud") to company formations and issuing invoices for friendly companies ("corporation tax fraud"). He also did stop from purchasing and sale of expensive luxury items such as cars and watches in the EU - of course with criminal intent - the VAT was retained in this case and not paid to the tax office ("VAT fraud"). This also went well only for a short time and again he had to deal with the court.

Subsequently, Ferhat Aydin changed its business model and switched to credit fraud. For this he used naive Turkish people and falsified this proof of income, then he applied for the name of the person in question with numerous banks as a loan broker. The majority of the loan amount went to Ferhat Aydin.

Of course, this thing only went well for a short time, which is why he had to serve his next sentence. Due to the long process, limited duration of pre-trial detention and his appeals, he was released. The process ran over several years using its delayed tactics such as changing lawyers, writing sick letters, etc. When the prospects became bleak and Ferhat Aydin was facing a five-year prison sentence, he fled to Turkey.

In freedom he opened with his brother Fuat Aydin and his other siblings a lot real-estate companies and ripped off friends with these companies ("capital fraud"). The process: He asked friends to make an investment in order to collect the own funds for the loans for the implementation of several projects, and subsequently he embezzled money in large amounts due to overly high financial statements of friendly construction companies. All friends of Ferhat Aydin and the financing banks have remained on the damage. Some of the friends went bankrupt.

Today Ferhat Aydin is no longer allowed to travel to his home country Austria because he is arrested immediately upon entry. Likewise, Ferhat Aydin is unable to travel to another country because an international arrest warrant has been issued against him . For this reason, his stay has been exclusively in Turkey for years. He always tells his friends and family that Turkey is much nicer, which is why I am here, investment opportunities etc. He lied to his family several times in the usual way, and some family members still do not know about the international arrest warrant.

Also worth mentioning is his excessive cocaine use, which in part makes him lose control and reality. In his intoxication with drugs, he has often smashed his girlfriend, friends or business partners. He also fired a gun in such a condition in a Viennese club.

Feyza Aydin - from prostitute to manager

Feyza Aydin the Prostitute


In the early years, Feyza Aydin worked in some erotic studios in Vienna and prostituted herself in them . When she met Ferhat Aydin, he prohibited her from working in the studios. Feyza Aydin then switched to the escort area and offered himself to older men to pay pocket money. The initiation of contacts took place in locations such as Onyx Bar, Skybar or Fabios, where they could be seen every day. The money was mainly invested in expensive clothes and bags.

Subsequently, she managed to convince several friends of this job and founded an escort service. In her prime, she entertained seven to eight girls and also worked several hours a day. The hourly price for the all-inclusive service was around 100 euros.

One day when Ferhat Aydin and his wife Feyza Aydin were visiting the Scotch Club in Vienna, he found out that there was a man at the next table who was a customer of Feyza Aydin. The muscular man greeted Feyza and apparently identified himself as a customer. Ferhat Aydin didn't find it funny. Since he was unable to cope with the situation during his intoxication with drugs and did not dare to speak to the man, he instead hit his girlfriend in the club with his fist several times until her face was completely covered in blood. Her nose was broken and she was taken from the emergency to the hospital ("broken nose"). Ferhat Aydin, cowardly as he is, then stormed out of the bar and fled to the Czech Republic because he would have been arrested again immediately because of the ongoing criminal proceedings for credit fraud for the smallest thing. That was not the only violent incident against his girlfriend Feyza Aydin.

Instead of parting with her violent boyfriend, she covered up this event and made up a suitable excuse (plastic surgery). Subsequently, Ferhat Aydin cheated on his girlfriend Feyza Aydin (sometimes with Feyza Aydin's girlfriends as well), but due to blackmail, Feyza Aydin was forced to stay with Ferhat Aydin. She seems to have resigned herself to the topic, which the two married some time ago.

Feyza Aydin was used several times as a straw man and went bankrupt several times due to the fraudulent activities of Ferhat Aydin (like other family members). At the moment, Feyza Aydin is the interface between Ferhat Aydin and Austria because, unlike Ferhat Aydin, she has no open prison sentence and can therefore travel to Austria at any time.

She owns a community apartment on Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse that she has rented out. According to our information, she never lived in this apartment at any time. She has also received social welfare for a long time, but as already described, she worked and earned well.

Together with her sister Melek Aydin and mother Gülümser Kilic, she runs a nail studio in Vienna Ottakring (Glamor Nails & Beauty) as well as the restaurant Kitch and the associated club. She sold half of the shares in the nail salon to a former friend. However, the friend never saw a contract or ever received a distribution of the profit. Feyza Aydin cheated on her friend for a large amount of money. Ferhat Aydin threatened her to recover the money to buy the shares. She was too intimidated and didn't dare file a complaint against the two.

Some of the companies now went bankrupt (e.g. Restaurant Kitch). Numerous investors were cheated of their money in the usual way and a straw man was deployed shortly before the closure. The usual system from Ferhat Aydin.

Gülümser Kilic (mother) and Melek Aydin (sister)

As we recently received a message asking "what does the mother and sister have to do with it?" has reached, we will soon devote ourselves to the processing of these documents.

In any case, it can already be said that the mother of Feyza Aydin, Gülümser Kilic and also the sister Melek Aydin, helped for many years with the transfer of funds to Turkey through Turkish accounts. The sister, in turn, also helps with the nail salon on Otterkringer Strasse (at least back then) to launder money.

Fuat Aydin - The errand boy

Fuat Aydin the errand boy


Fuat Aydin, or known among friends as Figo Aydin, is the younger brother of Ferhat Aydin and works as an errand boy in all matters. He is primarily concerned with collecting money from usury transactions and also harassing debtors who are in arrears with payments. Guns for the demonstration of power are often taken along for this purpose. An example of this is the armed visit by Fuat Aydin and his brother-in-law Mehmet Dural to a pizzeria in Vienna Liesing in order to make the local owner comply with payments.

Since Ferhat Aydin is no longer able to go to Austria because of an arrest warrant, Fuat Aydin has also been managing the real estate business and cheating the remaining "friend" investors on behalf of his brother. Initially, money from friends or friends of business people is collected for the implementation of real estate projects ("future victims of fraud"). A new company is founded. A Regus mailbox is mostly used as an office. People from the former Yugoslavia or from Turkey are used to open companies ("mules"). If a company has been opened with positive promises of success for its own family members, the mule is only used shortly before bankruptcy. The Aydin clan has very good relationships with banks, loans are also granted to the most dubious companies by means of kickback payments. A few banks that played this game: Raiffeisen, BAWAG and Volksbank. Usually a reputable Austrian manager is used as the contact person for the companies (one of these people is called Werner Patzl). The money is drawn out of the loan financing as soon as possible with friendly construction companies, with the help of the responsible bank employee and by means of overly high bills, as a result of which the projects cannot be implemented as planned (e.g. top floor Märzstrasse 9). This is followed by the miraculous bankruptcy of the companies and the "friend" investors are sold as bad business ("fraud and embezzlement"). As soon as the company was opened, it was closed again.

Another activity is the transportation of cash from these dubious real estate transactions to his brother Ferhat Aydin in Turkey. Fuat Aydin is responsible for direct transport and therefore often commutes between Vienna and Istanbul / Bodrum.

Fuat Aydin also has prison experience after being taken into custody after a house search in the early 2010s. He also participated in several fights. He also likes to play the doer, and reports say that he cried loudly for days in prison.

Elvis Biberović Deen - Ferhat Aydins Lover and drug dealer

Elvis Deen - Ferhat Aydins Lover and drug dealer

Elvis Deen is another blender and fraudster who was unemployed for years and lived in the 16th district. He financed his living by selling cocaine in various clubs. He probably continues to do this job. Thanks to his brother DJ Dennes Deen, he is well connected.

During these visits to the club, he not infrequently threw drugs, knockout drops and such into the glass of young women and men, anesthetizing them and then "towing" them home. Since he was embarrassed to live in the 16th district and the 17th district had already started on the other side of the street, he told everyone that he would live in the 17th district.

He has been associated with the Aydin clan for around 15 years. How this connection actually looks is, however, not clearly clarified. Ferhat Aydin once told me about a hotel room party with two escort ladies, at this party Elvis is said to have come close to him sexually (orally). It is not clear whether there is a fixed sexual relationship between the two. However, Ferhat Aydin has never made this a secret.

Further circumstances that speak for a relationship are that Ferhat Aydin leased a white BMW 6 convertible for Elvis Deen and made it available free of charge. With this white BMW, he drove every single passable street in the first district every day to be seen. Among other things, it also suggests that Elvis Deen Ferhat continues to visit Aydin regularly in his exile near Bodrum.

Since Elvis Deen has now also arrived in the construction business, it can be assumed that he will act as another money launderer for Ferhat Aydin. For this reason he sometimes received the currently used Maserati from Ferhat Aydin instead of the BMW.

In the picture you can see part of the fraud gang. Elvis Deen, who is pouring a glass, next to it Jimmy Zach, who has been listed below for a long time with the associated people and is an integral part of the group, and Ferhat Aydin.

Ibrahim Tosun - The role is currently unclear

Ibrahim Tosun, The role is currently unclear

Representative of the Kitch restaurant a scammer?

Originally, it was thought that Ibrahim Tosun was a simple stupid straw man who was lured by Ferhat Aydin with numerous promises and was one of the dupes himself. But new insights allow a different picture of Roman Rafreider's good friend Ibrahim Tosun.

Years ago you could see many photos of Ibrahim Tosun and Ferhat Aydin. Oddly enough, Roman Rafreider was always seen in these photos. According to our information, the two were guests together at Ferhat Aydin's birthday in Istanbul. Due to the frequency of photos, there were suspicions that Ibrahim Tosun is an accomplice who is in common with Ferhat Aydin.

These assumptions should be confirmed insofar as the statements in the recently received message from Vaclav Sladky, the honorable founder of the Vienna Doll Museum, can be believed. He wrote in his message that Ibrahim Tosun cheated him on a large sum of money. The sum is a loan in the amount of 350,000 euros, about which he was cheated by Ibrahim Tosun in cooperation with Feyza Aydin.

We recently received a message from Ibrahim Tosun, who made a statement on the allegations. You will find his original explanation below. Anyway, this situation shows us again what kind of people you are dealing with at Ferhat Aydin and Feyza Aydin:

Statement by Ibrahim Tosun

Ibrahim Tosun - 0664/2001855 - i.tosun@hotmail.com

Dear founder of this wonderful site,

shocked and very pleased I came across your site.
Basically, I have no complaints about the claims about the Aydin clan.

Unfortunately, I did read the dirty and humiliating claims about myself.

Just the fact that my name is shown on the same page with these fraudsters is very disturbing for me, let alone the claims being put under the same roof with those.

Yes, I was cheated of my belongings by these fraudsters.
I was cheated by my hard-saved money for decades.

AND!!!!!! I was left with all the debts and had to go bankrupt.

So after the whole disaster I was left without money and with tons of debt.

Yes I did something stupid! Because I believed these fraudsters.

!!!No!!! to claims that I'm a straw man!

Now to Vaclav Sladky's claims.
I can understand his anger and anger. I'm in the same situation as him.

Yes, we both lost our money!

There is a decision from the Austrian regional court where my innocence was right and the claims of Vaclav Sladky wrong.

The court has all the evidence, transcripts, statements, hearings, .... and and and.

Would be nice to post these things to prove the opposite of me.

So Vaclav Sladky knows exactly how the court ruled because his appeal against this decision was dismissed.

And believe me, my loss is bigger than Vaclav Sladky's!

Austrian law is above Vaclav Sladky's feelings.

Back to my person:

I received an administrative penalty from this company of over € 65,000.
After appeal to the administrative court, this penalty was reduced to € 42,000.

Since, as written above, I could not / could not pay this penalty, I went to serve the sentence.

In total it was 10 weeks and 4 days that I have to serve.
I have already served 6 weeks from 11.12.2019 to 22.01.2020.
According to the law, the sentence cannot be served for more than 6 weeks at a time.
Therefore I have to serve my remaining time on July 23, 2020.
You are welcome to come and visit me.

I don't think (and please believe me) you can't like these scammers so much that you go to jail for these crimes.

And if I had cheated! , I should at least have cheated people out of so much money that I could afford this punishment and not throw 10 weeks and 4 days of my life away.

You cannot imagine what it means to be innocent in prison and I wish nobody but the Aydin clan.

I hope with this message, at least for my current state of affairs, to have given a little insight into the whole story.

You are welcome to present my telephone number and e-mail address in public and if someone would like to know something they can also contact me.

In this sense great site, but please correct the claims about me.

best regards
Ibrahim Tosun

Companies with fraudulent backgrounds:

These companies are used for money laundering:



Marina Art Hotel

Assos Art Hotel

AF Gayrimenkul Yatırım Ltd. Şti.

Ferhat Aydın Turizm Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Arena 34 (Club 34)


brave67 Projektmanagment GmbH

brave99 Projektmanagment GmbH

Rojin Immo GmbH

fu-ture immoinvest GmbH

F-Chefs Gastronomie GmbH

Venus Gastro GmbH

Sixty seven Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH

Magra & Barton Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Heritage Holding s.r.o.

F-success - lifestyle GmbH

ART-Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH

BPE Beteiligungs GmbH

JAKKHES Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH


Eight Gastronomie GmbH

Kitch Gastronomie GmbH

Spadre Projektmanagement GmbH

af-immo-projektentwicklung GmbH

Özal Projektentwicklung Gmbh

Alöz Gmbh

Immo X GmbH

Fair Marketing & Investment GmbH

Glamour Nails & Beauty

* Companies without a link might be already closed

Connected people:

Sulejmani Adnan

Aydin Sirin

Leyla Dural

Elvis Deen

Werner Patzl

Aydin Ercin

Ferhat Suvermez

Stefan Danyi

Ibrahim Tosun

Emin Alp Altinay

Anatolii Shyrokov

Mikhail Chikvashvili

Jemali Barton

Hava Barton

Victoria Barton

Jimmy Zach

Ekrem Yalcindag

Jakob Hessing

Roman Dorn

Patricia Iosif

Mehmet Dural

Gülümser Kilic

Melek Aydin


Emin Alp Altinay (F-success - lifestyle GmbH), on 08/12/2019

"or remove my name because I also lost money and bought F-Success from Fan Aydin ..."

Roman Dorn (Bell & Ross Boutique Vienna), on 11/12/2019

"As you probably know, I was a good friend of Ferhat for a while, but it was very late to find out what makes him tick and what he supposedly does for business. I once borrowed money from him to start my business with my wife He often told him that he was involved etc. but that was not true. However, the participation in the kitch (meaning Kitch Gastronomie GmbH) is correct and that was a big mistake, because I also lost a lot of money, which hurts a lot until today and I am still owe debt today. "

Comment on Roman Dorn:
We recently received a message that Ferhat Aydin and Roman Dorn rented several rental cars from Germany through a company planned for bankruptcy, did not return them for months, and did not pay any rental payments for them. The car driven by Roman Dorn was a blue BMW 6.

Jakob Hessing (Kitch Restaurant - JAKKHES Gastronomiebetriebs GmbH/Eight Gastronomie GmbH), on 23/12/2019

"I was a victim of Aydin. So please write the truth! If you write something. Thank you! You can call me and I'll tell you my version! Including the death threats from Ibo and Jamali."

Ercin Aydin (Pizzeria Ristorante Gondola), on 02/01/2020

"As can be seen from the statements you have published from people mentioned on your page, you can see that the gentleman in question appears to have pretended to be the operator or owner more often, even if it was not, as in my example."

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